Monday, January 17, 2011

Grand Master Guang Qin(廣欽老和尚, 1892-1986)

Those above photo was actually a moon taken at the time when  Master Guang Qin passed away, it just transformed into a nice looking lotus.

Grand Master Guang Qin(廣欽老和尚, 1892-1986)

Master Guang Qin was a remarkable monk. He passed away in 1986 in Taiwan.
The following are website about him. This website show Master Guang Qin emitted orange colour light from inside the casket that keep his body.
It's a coincidence the monk I admire happened to be Master Guang Xuan' elder brother in Dharma( Indeed both Great Master Guang Qin and Great Master Guang Xuan were my inspiration to cultivate the Way).  I first heard about  Master Guang Qin when I was a Buddhist priest in Surabaya, Indonesia ( from a Buddhist magazine in Indonesia) but at that time Master Guang Qin already entered Nirvana.  Below a short documentary about Grand Master Guang Qin posted on youtube:

Maybe it's a coincidence that I practice Pureland method since a was a child that made me the affinity to know the greatness of Master Guang Qin and the rigorous way he maintained in his practice.

 Both Master Guang Xuan and Master Guang Qin were disciples of Great Master Hong Yi -弘一大师( well known in Buddhist circle , especially in China as Vinaya Master). 

A Short Biography of Master Guang Qin.

 Master Kuang-ch'in (1892 - 1986) was born in Hui-an County of Fu-chien province in China. He was given up for adoption when he was four and was not educated, hence, illiterate.

He became a monk at the age of twenty-seven, but did not receive the formal bhiksu (monk) precepts until the age of forty-two. Meanwhile, he practiced asceticism and recitation (of the name of Amitabha Buddha).

After receiving the full bhiksu precepts, he dwelled in a cave in the mountains where he practiced meditation alone for thirteen years and attained an elevated level.

He came to Taiwan in 1947 and founded several monasteries, among them the Ch'eng-tien Temple of Taipei and Miao-tung Temple of Kao-hsiung. He had inspired a great many people into the dual practice of Zen and Pure Land doctrines. Those all the description above was taken/copy and paste directy from this source:

In Taiwan Master Guang Qin was known as Sui Guo He Shang( the Master who ate fruits only), for his only diet was eating fruits ( this starting when he was 50 years old if I am not mistaken). Once people asked him why he only ate fruits. Then Master Guang Qin answered in a very humble way: Once he lived for several years in the forest to practice Buddhism, and fruits was the only option for him to eat. After that it become a habbit so he just continued eating fruits.